Solar Street light

We design our lighting systems to make installation quicker and with reduced cost compared to more traditional designs. We also offer solar power street light fixtures that comply with FWC, Turtle Friendly, and Dark Sky regulations.

Our solar LED street lighting systems made in the USA include top quality, properly sized batteries and solar panels that are ideal for your particular geographic location. We determine the equipment you need for these street lights to provide the required illumination throughout the year based on the sun levels and typical weather conditions in your area.

Our solar power street light systems are designed and built for a long service life and little to no required maintenance. promises to bring its international exposure & expertise to the Indian market, and we have been working on developing products that would deliver on the expectations of Solar Street light energy and Commercial consumers.

our focus is on harnessing and maximizing the use of solar energy, which is particularly feasible in India. Our eco-friendly solar solutions will enable the Solar Street light energy sector to reduce its carbon footprint in a phased manner. With ample sunny days throughout the year, industries can transform existing barren lands and spaces into solar plants to attain the ultimate self-sustaining stature in terms energy requirements.

We offer solar-powered solutions across various sectors. Our state-of-the-art rooftop solutions are designed to address the expectations of Solar Street light energy and industrial buyers, offering them alternatives that would minimize their existing dependency on the electricity grid.